Welcome to our historic, magical “cabin in the woods” - right in the heart of Northeast Los Angeles, located just off the I-5 and 2 Freeway, 10 minutes from Downtown LA. Memorable, lovable and private – you’re surrounded by nearly a 1/2-acre of trees and greenery! You’ll discover irresistible charm – vaulted ceilings, corrugated metal walls, built-ins, skylights, a wraparound porch, an outdoor shower, a fire pit, a sprawling yard, and plenty of outdoor space. You’ll feel like you’ve left LA, but you’re only ten minutes from downtown! 5 minutes from Silverlake, 20 minutes to Hollywood - super close, but feels far away. Topanga Canyon or Big Bear or New Orleans or Anytown, USA, but right in your backyard. The Cabin has served as the backdrop for a many productions – from celebrity photo shoots to independent films; French Elle to Target, album covers to fashion stills; from web series to moonshine commercials to to music videos to Netflix movies and even live immersive theatrical shows . Creatives and artists are always struck by the wonderful energy and great light/texture the cabin offers. It’s tucked behind an unassuming privacy fence, a wonderful surprise hidden in the middle of Frogtown.


We are happy to give you customized quote if you...  - only need use of the cabin's porch and exterior - are interested in renting the cabin for multiple days (i.e. you want to shoot a feature film)


Please give us as much information as you can - total number of people, scope of production, etc.

We will get back to you with a custom quote. Email us here. 


Thank you!!


Simply add $10/hour for each cast/crew member above 10 people:  up to 10 person cast/crew - $149/hr

11 person cast/crew - $159/hr

12 person cast/crew - $169/hr

13 person cast/crew - $179/hr

14 person cast/crew - $189/hr

15 person cast/crew - $199/hr

20 person cast/crew - $249/hr

25 person cast/crew - $299/hr

30 person cast/crew - $349/hr

35 person cast/crew - $399/hr

40+ cast/crew - Ask for quote (seasonal discounts may apply) OT will apply after 12 hours, and extra charges will apply for after-hours, non work day or holiday productions.


NOTE - additional charge for B-roll/video on photo shoots.




BOOKING TIMES All bookings start and end times include setup and tear down time. If you’re interested in multi-day shooting, please contact us for a custom quote. Overtime will apply after the booking hours at 1.5x the hourly rate (prorated).


LOADING IN/OUT It’s pretty straightforward: there is a large ten-foot driveway gate that rolls open and a few small trucks/cars can pull into the property to unload or park. Larger trucks may be parked just outside the driveway gate with easy access. There are two steps up from the sidewalk onto the front porch. Double French doors may be opened on both ends of the living room/dining area for easy load-in/load out of equipment.


PARKING Grip trucks/cube vans can be parked just outside the main gate on the street with easy load-in access. Street parking: There is plenty of street parking available. However, be mindful of street cleaning on Thursdays and Fridays from 11:30-1:30. Large off-site parking lot: For larger-scale productions, just ninety seconds away, there are large parking lots available to rent separately. We can provide the contact information if you are interested.


ACCESS The production will have access to the entire interior and exterior of the house. The lot is over 20,000 square feet and the Cabin itself is 1071 square feet. There is also a 160 SF storage shed (aka “The Bunkhouse”) on the premises that may be shot from the exterior and features the wood shake siding look of the main cabin house.


SETUPS Past productions often set up hair and make-up in the outer bathroom (the toilet area is enclosed separately off the bathroom area) and wardrobe in the bedroom. It’s up to your team and where you are shooting. There is a large paved outdoor open area to set up craft services and/or meal or holding areas. Though this area is shaded for much of the day, it does get direct afternoon sunlight, so pop-up shades may be desired on hot days.


RESTROOM - IMPORTANT - Due to older plumbing, house restroom access may be limited for larger crews, and portable restrooms will likely be required to be provided by production.


AMENITIES Production has use of all interior and exterior furniture in the cabin. Items may be moved, but with permission - please communicate clearly as to what you’d like to move. Obviously, all items must be returned to their original location. The electrical has been upgraded to 200-amp service, but for larger lighting kits, generators will need to be provided by production. The property tends to be five to ten degrees cooler than the surrounding area thanks to all the trees and shade.


There is lots of natural light inside the cabin, which varies beautifully throughout the day. Morning light is prevalent in the bedroom, and as the day progresses, the living room/dining area get fantastic afternoon light through the southwest French doors. There are two large skylights in the living room and one large skylight in the bedroom which offer dramatic light at different hours. The windows and French doors on both ends of the living room/dining area look out onto lots of greenery and trees. Because the property is enclosed with a privacy fence it feels like you are removed from the surrounding urban/residential neighborhood.


NEIGHBORHOOD DETAILS The cabin is in a safe and quiet gentrifying neighborhood of Los Angeles called Elysian Valley, but perhaps better known as Frogtown. It’s an up and coming blue collar neighborhood with mostly single family homes. We know all of our neighbors by name and everyone is friendly. We are minutes away from 365 by Whole Foods, Gingergrass Vietnamese restaurant, CVS and Starbucks, and other coffee shops and small stores. We are blocks away from one of the hottest restaurants in LA - Salazar, voted one of the top ten restaurants in Los Angeles by LA Weekly. There’s also our very own Frogtown Brewery and an amazing gourmet sandwich joint called Wax Paper on the LA River, near Spoke Bicycle Cafe. Home Cafe is also just a few minutes away for a crew meal with plenty of options.


AMBIENT NOISE LEVEL The property is nestled in a setting much like a “private park” near where the 2 Freeway and I-5 intersect. Traffic noise may be heard in the background. The sound level varies somewhat depending on the time of day, i.e. louder at rush hour. Our trees act as a buffer, so it becomes more like background/white noise, though an occasional large truck or motorcycle may be heard driving by; helicopters too, of course, as we live in Los Angeles! Productions have shot footage outdoors here many times in the past. The ambient noise level inside the cabin is very quiet with the doors and windows closed.


BOTTOM LINE - IT'S GONNA BE GREAT! We have a lot of experience in the entertainment industry and we understand your process. We are here to make everything enjoyable, easy-going and stress-free. Thanks for checking out our “cabin in the woods” - we look forward to working with you at the Frogtown Magical Cabin!


- Jenn & Dean