The cabin offers an idyllic backdrop for creating a festive and fun mood for any kind of special event. The space inspires creativity, joy and community. Stepping into the property can sometimes feel you've been transported from the urban feel of Frogtown to being somewhere else... it doesn’t feel like you're in LA! The cabin is styled with fun textiles and pops of color. The outdoor space has many different zones - a large green yard, a substantial cement slab (20x30 feet - perfect for outdoor seating, entertaining, setting up a stage, etc), a fire pit, and a wrap around porch. Hummingbirds flutter near the bushes, lizards catch sun on the deck and squirrels race around the treetops. It’s a good time here. So...whether your connecting with friends around the campfire, toasting a special occasion, or leading colleagues in a workshop - this memorable location is versatile and offers a wide range of possibilities for your special event.

NEIGHBORHOOD DETAILS The cabin is in a safe and quiet gentrifying neighborhood. It’s an up and coming area with mostly single family homes. We know most all of our neighbors by name and everyone is friendly. This is one reason why we must be courteous at all times to our neighbors. 

HOURS Events such as weddings that use outside vendors will require a full day rental, and possibly a Load-in or Load-out Partial Day rental. Smaller events may require fewer hours, but remember all of your vendor deliveries must occur during your booked hours including all set-up and clean up during your booking hours.


PARKING There is usually plenty of street parking available nearby. There is typically plenty of parking on nearby Ripple Street. Large offsite parking lot: Just 90 seconds away, there is a very large parking lot for larger-scale events. You can shuttle your guests to your event, or possibly arrange a valet (not included, of course). We can provide the contact information if you are interested.  


SETUPS There are many areas and opportunities throughout the property, indoors and outdoors, to meet your needs. - Catering may be set up in the kitchen. - Music/DJ may be set up on the deck, central to the property, or in the yard at various locations. - A large, open air concrete area may be used for a ceremony, setting up tables/chairs for a meal or buffet, etc. - There is a large eclectic/rustic patio that surrounds a fire pit and supervised campfire may be arranged - terrific ambiance!  There are large, shaded grassy areas for assembling a temporary dance floor, or setting up a game of horseshoes, corn hole, Giant Jenga, etc. - Various pockets exist around the property, surrounded by shrubs and large trees to create different experiences if your event features a variety of booths, activities, etc. - Your guests can relax on the wraparound wooden deck, under the covered porch, or soaking up rays on the open air deck. 


AMENITIES You may use of all interior and exterior furniture in the cabin. Items can be moved, but please ask permission and communicate clearly with what you’d like to move. Wi-fi may be provided upon request.


 There is lots of natural light inside the cabin (there are two large skylights in the living room and one large skylight in the bedroom). The windows look out onto lots of greenery and trees. Because the property is enclosed with a privacy fence it feels like you are removed from the urban neighborhood. After dark, landscape lighting and surrounding street lights provide minimal light for a magical evening experience by the fire. Bistro lighting may also be provided in select areas for evening events.


EVENTS - Please be clear and up front with what you're looking to do with your event. We are collaborators and truly want to make your event a success! If you are also interested in utilizing the space for film, television, music videos or advertising campaigns, please contact us through the message center to discuss details, pricing and availability. Please include the following:

*TOTAL number of people (guests and any staff)







Please tell us a little about your event and we will give you a custom quote. Each event has its own unique needs and you'll discover that we go above and beyond to make sure the whole process unfolds with ease. We strive to be super communicative, supportive and readily available to answer all of your questions. We are happy to do a video scout if you are unable to come in person.


Thank you so much!


- Jenn and Dean