Your Hosts

Jenn and Dean

The journey began years ago when, in order to secure the purchase of the Cabin, Dean happily agreed to adopt two lovely Australian Shepherds being fostered by the previous owner. A few years later, Dean and Jenn met working as actors in a big AT&T commercial – they played husband and wife. Together they decided their synergy was actually quite enjoyable and soon life imitated art when they married “for reals”, combining their housefuls of beloved animals – the two dogs, along with four kitties, three bunnies and a tank of fish (all of whom have sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge).

Dean & Jenn are only the third owners of the Cabin in its 113 year-history. They have lovingly cared for and upgraded the property over the years, while keeping the quirks and maintaining its rustic charm. A few lucky tenants rented the Cabin for a spell while Dean and Jenn were on an illuminating journey flipping houses in greater Los Angeles.


For years, the Cabin has been represented by several location companies, hosting shoots occasionally, but it wasn’t until 2016 when Jenn and Dean moved back in and positioned the Cabin to host productions – and now events – on a more consistent basis. Dean and Jenn love supporting and being part of memorable experiences – whether a creative passion project or a special celebration. 

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